A Best Friends Buddy Pet Services alternative to boarding Detroit Michigan

My boys, Molson & Harley

A Best Friends Buddy was founded in 2003. My thoughts of starting a pet sitting service go back several years ago when I was diagnosed with a rare disease on my internal organs.

With several surgeries and my health back, the only regret is I am unable to have children. I did the next best thing and rescued my first born, my Akita Harley.

When I moved in with my fiancé I adopted his Lab Molson, but having a puppy and the love of a new Best Friend was really going to give me a lesson about love.

Throughout my life I have owned and cared for dogs, cats, ducks and horses, but this time Harley was a different situation. Harley gave me an opportunity to go to puppy school and then to advance into confirmation, obedience and agility training. I wanted to make this dog the best and give him every opportunity to be a champion. I also began to learn grooming and behavior tips along the path.

A Best Friends Buddy owner Michelle Novak's dog Bentley

Meet Bentley, My youngest boy!

I had such high hopes to be the top in every class of training and finally realized after a few years that the expectations I had for Harley were really my expectations of me to be the best Mom I could be since I could not have children. To learn that every living creature child or animal is time, investment and his unconditional love was an eye opener for me.

Jeff and I started to travel and had lost our neighbors that helped take care of our babies. I know now I had to look for pet boarding or sitting and was searching for the right situation when the need arises. I had no confidence in my pet boarding experience, since my pets were so stressed out by the time I came home. I knew other families were in the same situation.

Knowing the compassion and love I have for my babies and the respect I have for all living creatures I knew in my heart I could provide pet services that are dependable, loving and caring.